In 2007 I started exploring sensual massage and Tantra with Body Electric School, Gay Love Spirit and Men in Touch, I started my trainings with Authentic Eros in Berlin in 2014. In a 1 year training and an additional module of Sacred Intimacy I became a certified Sexological Bodyworker.
Andy Saich, one of my teachers, invited me to perform my first workshop in London in 2016 where he introduced me as Touch-therapist and Erotic Shaman. Combining my shamanic path, spiritual studies and my background in dance and theatre I created different workshops and rituals with the aime to explore healing and conscious touch, connecting sensuality with spirituality in a safe, colorful ritual in which we celebrate diversity, life and love.
Over the last years RespiRo presented workshops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Krakov and Barcelona, coming soon Stockholm, Paris, Tel Aviv, Milano, Ibiza and Sao Paolo 

Healing Eros

 A workshop that focusses on our common journey, our challenges as gay/queer men and on our powers to heal, balance, enlighten, activate and stand out. Through a customized guided meditation we connect to the different chakras and corresponding colors and qualities, experiencing a holistic glow of the rainbow Spirit Oxumaré.
Through bodywork and movement we will connect to ourselves and explore what needs attention, care, love and healing. Giving space and expression to these sensations to then gently flow into the connection with other men.
Together we will do several exercises, like holding, listening, caressing, erotic touching etc. to help each other process, accept and embrace our (sensual) being. Healing shame, insecurity, pain, addiction through the qualities of forgiveness, abundance, harmony, gratitude, love and joy.
It is our birthright to be free, to fully express our sexuality, to feel alive and sensual, to play and to celebrate our sacred sexual spirit.