Robert van Ravens

About me,

Respiro: breathe, relief, radiance of light.
Respirar: breathing.

After several studies in the field of Theatre and Dance, Body Mind Centering and finishing my training as a Yoga instructor, I started in 2003 with my training to become all round massage therapist. In addition to these "earthly" studies I have always felt the need to deepen my spiritual knowledge and awareness.

In 1997 I started my spiritual and mediunic study, with the plant teacher Ayahuasca. A profound study to which, to this day, I am, passionately dedicated. Besides my Reiki initiation I and II, I have joined a course of "Florais" in the Amazone rainforest, to get more insight in the healing powers of flowers.

Over the years I have trained my energetic and subtle energy body to be able to work as clear and pure as possible. To connect the spiritual and technical studies about physical and subtle energybodies, I have studied a 1 year course on Healing and completed a following course on Reading. In Berlin I completed an education based on bodywork, breathe, and therapeutic guidance, called Sacred Intimicy, at the Somatische Akademie.

After years working in hotels, spas, gyms, beauty salons and saunas, I started working independently in 2010. Responding to the idea to offer and bundle all my accumulated experiences and specific form of treatment in a comfortable space. With enthusiasm I thus invite you to experience the Respiro Healing in my beautiful practice in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.


Courses and Education :

2003: Vivekananda Yoga Teacher Training, Bangalore India.
2006: Opleiding Holistische Massage. Veerman college Amsterdam.
2006: Therapeuten opleiding I.
2006: StoelMassage
2007: Therapeuten opleiding II
2007: Opleiding Sport Massage
2009: Aqama Massage
2009: Kayotima Shiatsu
2009: Voetreflex Massage
2009: Hamam Massage, Spa Zuiver Amsterdam
2011: Florais, flower medicine,Amazones, Brasil
2012: Lomi-Lomi Massage, Massage in beweging Alphen ad Rijn
2013: Healing Opleiding, Intuitieve Opleidingen Rotterdam
2014: Reading opleiding
2014: Sacred Intimate Training, Somatische Akademie Berlin